Friday, June 19, 2009

Our First Week

It is hard to believe we have only lived here one week. This is a great place and we are very happy. I am particularly happy when I'm in my jacquzzi tub every night. The dogs love their backyard and are pretty exhausted after running crazy looking for other neighboring dogs. The flooring guy is coming this morning to measure our floors. We are getting rid of all the carpet in the house. Crazy I know! But it is better for my allergies (which I'm sure Gracie will inherit) and no staining by dogs or kids.
Blake has been amazing! He hasn't sat down and rested for more than an hour from 5a.m.-9p.m. everyday. He can't stop getting things done. It is so helpful because my body feels like it is turning on me. My knees feel like they won't support me when I stand up and I now have stretch marks on my ankles. I'm trying not to complain but there is a lot to do and I am not very productive.
We are working out of a Hiring trailer everyday from 11-5. This is one busy trailer. Apparently there are not very many job opportunites in the area (even though I have seen some Now Hiring signs) Yesterday was less hectic than usual. We had more quality candidates coming in and we were able to accomplish more. It is tough to be in the middle of a phone call or working on something and then someone comes in interrupting you. Then I usually forget what I was in the middle of and it takes me 10 more mins to remember what I was doing and by then 2 more people have come in!
I had some extreme anxiety last night as the reality of everything hit me. Gracie is due in 21 days and I have a lot to do to prepare for the opening before she gets here. We have not hired any leadership other than Jason and Blake and I admit to feeling a little funny about leaving my store in the care of someone I don't know. So that means they will be there 5:30am-11pm everyday? And we will be sleep-deprived with a 2 week old in the house.
How will i make this work? I have no clue! At least I have a great support system!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This morning we woke up in our new house for the first time! It already feels like home...except the mess and boxes everywhere. ChaCha doesn't seem quite ready to accept this as home but Winston has embraced his new home and seems very happy here. My dad drove them up yesterday and they were confused as to why all of their stuff was up here. They smelled the couch and chair and beds and tv and couldn't seem to understand why they were here. It was entertaining. They also love the backyard. They have spent so much time back there. A big black dog next door has become to object of Winston's attention (barking).
When we came by the house on Thursday we met several of the neighbors. They all seem so nice and walked over to our driveway to introduce themselves. They are very excited about the Chick-fil-A opening so we have become very popular.
MawMaw and PawPaw set up the kitchen for me and Blake moved almost everything in by himself until my dad got here. Dad helped him with the biggest items. They both worked really really hard. We were exhausted and hungry last night. I slept ...uh oh MawMaw and PawPaw are here and I don't have on a bra yet! Gotta run. Need to put up a shower curtain before I can shower.,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Northport here we come!

So I was up at 4am with intense allergies from all the packing, moving and cleaning! So I will be nap ready about the time we drive up to Northport. I can't sleep since I'm now driving the Rodeo up there. I am nervous about driving only because I get so uncomfortable and distracted (which is why Big Gare doesn't have a right side view mirror.) But it is an easy drive up 280 to 459 to I20. Then to my new crib!
Blake and I hit Starbucks around 6:30am and then drove all over campus to tell it goodbye for now. We are excited about the new opportunities in Northport and the new campus to get to know!
I am so very pumped to get moved in and finally settled. Thanks to everyone who is coming to help us unload and unpack! I need you badly.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moving out...crashing and burning

So today was an exhausting day. We had to move everything out of our house and our storage unit and then clean the house! didn't take as long as it would have if Blake hadn't prepared so far ahead, but it was long enough.
Blake got up at 5:30am and went to Starbucks to get our day jump started while I showered and got ready for the day. At 7am a repair man came to make the final repairs the home inspector requested. We picked up the UHaul at 7:30am. It is the biggest freakin UHaul I have ever seen. I feel like Blake should have a special license.
I drove Dad's F150 behind Blake's UHaul. I don;t know what happened...I wasn't on the phone or listening to the radio..I guess I just have a pregnant brain. ANywho, I think I took the turn onto our street too wide and hit the "Yes We Can" mailbox. It is a hard-core brick mailbox (obviously a little too close to the road) covered in Obama posters. So i heard a loud crash and shatter and saw the side mirror smash into the side of the truck. I was horrified! I have never wrecked or anything before (Knock on Wood). I lost control and couldnt stop crying. Blake, Mom, and Dad were all very nice about it. They were glad that I didn't get hurt. It ruined my day until I was too tired to remember that this happened only today.
So Blake, Jason, Dad and ZA (a team member from Village Mall) worked until about 2:30 loading up the beast. You couldnt fit a piece of paper in that UHaul now. They even unloaded that whole thing and reloaded it to make room. They worked so hard in 100 degree weather!
In fact, Blake fell asleep before 6pm.
At 2:30 I started cleaning the house with help from 2 more team members, June and Inez. We cleaned that beast top to bottom. It took about 2.5 hours but it is over. Blake had to ride with the computer in his lap but we got everything out!
As we were leaving, he asked me if I was going to cry (I cried when we left Chick-fil-A) but I was seriously too tired to care one way or the other. I just wanted to put my feet and ankles in ice.
By the way, I tried that and it tickles really bad. My feet are like 20 degrees hotter than the rest of my body, purple (as #2 pointed out today) and fatter than my belly! If it wasn't for my feet and ankles, I would feel perfect. Albeit slightly uncomfortable.
We are staying at Jason and Ashley's house tonight. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!! We close on the house in the morning and then drive up to Northport.
I sure do hope that moving in isn't as exhasuting as moving out....we shall see. First thing I will tell Pooh Bear is move my recliner in!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Lake or Old Row?

So Blake and I decided to hit the lake for 4 nights while we still can. This is really our last chance until we move on Friday and then I'm not allowed to travel after that. Then we will have a baby and open the unit. I am thinking we will travel straight from the hospital back to work when we are discharged. It should be an interesting experience.
We got to the lake on Thursday and we were the only ones around, It was so very peaceful. We slept really well that night. I have been very uncomfortable lately and it makes sleeping a bit more difficult. Not to mention I am so swollen it aches everywhere. Anywho, it was a gloomy day yesterday and I loved it! Blake went fishing for hours and I read my books in a rocking chair on the porch. Then we took a nap after lunch and started over: fishing, reading, a boat ride at dusk. Blake grilled the fish he caught (and me 2 hotdogs...I wasn't sure if I trusted his fish with my baby) and we ate on the porch. We watched 3 episodes of 24 and got some work done for the opening. Chick-fil-A gave me a laptop with Verizon Wireless Access and I can be on the internet anywhere! Even in the car!
We went outside again to read in the rocking chairs and then the rednecks started to arrive next door. The don't talk to eachother...they YELL! They yell and consume more beer than an entire fraternity party. They got started as we were going to bed (about 9) and they were at it until almost 4am. There had to be 20 of them and they are our age or older. It is just plain weird to me. Blake and I were up alot when it got particularly loud. We formed a plan for revenge.
We got up around 7am and Blake immediately started cutting the grass. He started right near their house. I let the dogs outside and showed them things to bark at. They acted like angels.
Two of the neighbors who were probably kept up all night also have taken on cutting the grass and weedeatting. So we have been relieved of our revengeful duties. And I was just about to take a hammer to the deck and knock all the nailheads in. It is a nice loud job but must be done!
We also discovered that ChaCha is deathly afraid of lawn mowers. Winston likes to follow Blake as he cuts the grass.
Blake's family will be here to grill out this afternoon and so will Jason and Ashley and Sydney.
Should be good times. I might need a nap.