Friday, January 22, 2010

Tacky Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas! Santa caught Gracie out of bed on Christmas Eve! It didn't bother her. Santa looked alot like Uncle Jason..... Maybe that is why Sydney wanted nothing to do with that bearded man!
Sydney and Gracie took a good picture together under the tree. It wasn't easy keeping them both still and facing forward. I feel pretty sure they are both laughing at the way the two Ashleys are dressed.

Gracie was very uninterested in unwrapping gifts. In fact, on Christmas day she slept through the entire event! One of her best naps ever.

Ashley, Blake and I wore tacky Christmas sweaters. Mine is from elementary school and Ashley made hers. I found Blake's in the woman's section of Dollar General. Who knew Ashley had such a tacky talent?

Friday, January 15, 2010


Nursing Strike

Gracie seems to be going through a nursing strike. If I even think about nursing her, she starts to cry. Her eyes open wide in panic and she screams for help. I'm not real sure what to think, but it hurts my feelings. I made a commitment to nurse for 6 months because I felt like it was best for her, and relieved some guilt about going to work so soon. At this point I have had no interest in weaning her. Even with Seminar coming up in February...Gracie will be staying with her grandparents for several days. But now...