Saturday, December 10, 2011


Aren't these the sweetest girls?  I must remember all the things Gracie says about Sydney so that I can remind them when they are older and fighting.  Gracie LOVES Sydney.  Maybe more than she loves me.  No really.  She thinks that S hung the moon.
Of course they can fight and push and snatch toys and hit and cry just like two sisters that are only 16 months apart.  But I believe they have a love almost closer than sisters.  Let's take this morning for instance.....

Today we got up early and got ready to go to Breakfast with Santa at Bryant Denny Stadium.  I have been talking up Santa for days now. 
All morning I ask G, "Are you ready to go see Santa?"
G replys, "And Sydney?" 
"Yes, Sydney too."

In the car I ask- "Gracie, you ready to go see Santa?"
"And Sydney, mommy?"
"Yes, baby.  And Sydney."
"I so excited to see Sydney."
"And Santa?"
"Yes. Ho ho ho."

The kid was more excited about going to Syd than freaking Santa Claus!  We enjoyed seeing Santa, however, G would not get within arm's reach of him.  I ended up having to sit on the floor next to Santa with G in my lap.  He was a very Santa but G wanted no part.  She would have rather sat in Sydney's lap.  Then we had breakfast and had templates to write letters to Santa.
I asked G," Do you want to write a letter to Santa?"
"No, I write a letter to Sydney."

Really???  She is sitting right here!  I'm sorry that I don't have any pics but we took Ash 2 camera because mine was at CFA for breakfast with Santa Cow.  We went there after and that was more G's cup of tea.

These girls are so special.  I love watching them grow up together.  They are best friends.  I really hope J&A don't move too far away so that these girls can stay close.  I am praying for close opportunities.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fall Tree

Gracie loves going on walks.  During the fall we discovered lots of pretty leaves, and G would make mommy carry them until she could secretly discard them.  So Mommy thought we could put these pretty leaves to good use!  So we took the fallen leaves and put them back on a tree. 
THis was such a fun project!

We used Gracie's Step 2 car to gather up the leaves.

Check out my leaves!

While mommy and G hunted leaves, we sent Daddy on a quest for a good branch.

Doesn't he look proud?

Um...Daddy, this is Gracie's project......

There she goes.  We taped contact paper with the sticky side out so that she can stick the leaves up really easy.

We used our big window in the playroom.

Isn't it a lovely tree?  There are also lots of leaves on the ground because Gracie lost interest when she saw her baby dolls. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pirate Night at Chick-fil-A

Ahoy! The Gill Crew got all decked out for Pirate Night at Chick-fil-A.  Blake and I even practiced making balloon swords for the little pirates.

Capt. Jack Sparrow

Blake and I made a full bag of 100 balloon animals (all we could do was swords)

Arrg...Me like ice cream!

My matey Alison brought her swashbuckling kids looking for some chicken treasure.
On a side note:  Gracie was just walking around with her video monitor showing me and Blake her bed.  I suggested she go sit on her bed and see herself.  So she did and then she came out yelling, "Where Gracie going? Where Gracie going?"  I don't think she totally got it.  haha

Halloween 2011

Princesses Rapunzel and Cinderella went on a quest on Hallow's Eve.  They were on a quest for candy.  And suckers....lots of suckers.  And mommy brought coffee for her and Poppi!

We had a wonderful Halloween!

Zoo Trip 2011

Blake had a bike race in Birmingham and he dropped me & G off at the zoo for a fun day!  Gracie loved wearing her backpack around and looking at the animals.  She was such a joy.

Look!  Like on my shirt!  Giraffe

My family met me there and Sydney wore the same outfit.  Ashley and I never discussed what we were dressing the girls in.  Great Ashleys think alike.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gracie turned Two in July

Happy Birthday Gracie! Isn't she a beautiful birthday princess? Gracie soaked up all the attention she could handle during the week of her birthday. Since my birthday is the week before she insisted for a while that it was "Mommy's birthday." She got a little confused. We love this little girl.
That;s right, we bought her a big water slide that she never went down all summer. Maybe next year she will work up the nerve. No worries- mommy and Sydney loved it!Mimi and Granddaddy got G a balance bike and "hat"
Mommy and Daddy gave her a "Baby Yang" doll that G loves more than any doll ever. She has renamed her "Baby Sage" (named after mommy's birthday gift- a little Chinese Orphan Blake sponsored for me).Elmo Splash Party!

Auburn vs. Miss State

Mommy was excited that Gracie was going to her very first Auburn game!  G was expereincing sensory overload.

Sydney Claire went too!

I admit I love owls.  Gracie was a little cautious

Girl got some "crackcorn"

Do you see the eagle?

Our Condo

Master bedroom with a balcony overlooking the gulf and pools

Beautiful updated kitchen
Cute second room

We are so excited about our new condo!  We hope to spend many family vacations there. 
Its so awesome!