Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Camping at 22 weeks pregnant

So I went camping this weekend with Blake and my dad. Blake was doing three bike races in Albany, GA over the weekend and didn't want to pay for a hotel room. I decided about noon on Friday that I would go too! On our way home to pack I called my dad and he decided to come too! What a group.
So Blake and I got home around 3pm Friday and started packing like crazy. We arrived at our campsite after dark and had a time putting up the tent in darkness. We were the only tent in the whole campsite (everyone else had RVs) Little did we know, the campsite backed up to a dragstrip that raced late into the night Friday. By the time dad arrived we did not want to set up another tent and invited him to join ours. So the three of us shared a tent to the peaceful signs of street-illegal cars racing near by....ahhhhh....camping.
Jason and Ashley kept ChaCha and we brought Winston with us. He loves Bike Races and I thought he would love camping....I was right! What an awesome little camping buddy. He slept perfectly in tent and never disturbed anyone. We would tie his leash to a rope to the tent while we sat around the campfire or worked on bikes and he just laid down and enjoyed watching all of the excitment around him.
Blake did awesome in his races. This was his first of all 3 road races. These people were a lot more hard-core than the typical mountain-biker. Blake was the only one racing with hair on his legs. He finished both races middle of the pack. One guy on his team wrecked and broke his scapula in two places and got stitches on his knee.
We grilled, built an awesome campfire, made hot chocolate, and even watched some of the drag racing. It was a great trip and I'd do it again in a heart beat! Even with my growing belly and sore back.
We are planning on camping again soon for a mountain bike race. If you are interested, let us know!