Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Today was the most fabulous day with that Gill family! We just basked in the sun and enjoyed one another's company. It all started off with yummy omelets made by my yummy husband! He is such a blessing in the kitchen. Then we headed out to Lake Tuscaloosa for a boat ride. This was the first boating experience this summer. Gracie was great. She wanted to walk around on the boat, or course, but always came when she was called. She loved watching the wake and looking for ducks.

After the lake, we headed over to the river to eat at Wintzell's. We sat outside and it was a little too hot in the sun, but Gracie had her hat and sunglasses! Sadly, I forgot the camera when we went in. Just trust me...she was precious.

After nap time, Blake grilled some of his famous burgers. Seriously, if you tried one of these you would wonder why we are in the chicken business! Then Blake headed to the chick to do a little pressure washing, while Gracie and I got out the ELMO sprinkler!

As most of you know, this little girl is obsessed with Elmo! She loves him as much as she loves me. So if Elmo is on a mat surrounded by ice cold water, she will make it to him! Let me tell you, that was some freezing cold water. She didn't care!

After she stood there shivering, I turned the water off so I could give her a nice warm bath. She did not want to part from Elmo!

Our night ended by skyping with Nana and Papa and off to la-la land! Here is hoping we are free from night terrors tonight (although we wore her out pretty good.) Night terrors are a whole different post. Sweet dreams bloggers!