Saturday, February 28, 2009

California Dreamin'

Blake and I spent a week in California and had a great time. We went Sunday-Thursday to Long Beach for the Chick-fil-A Operator Seminar. We had great speakers like Jim Collins, Dave Ramsey, Rick Warren, Tommy Tubberville and Frank Beamer. It was awesome!

Then we rented a car and just drove up the coast with no reservations. We visited Malibu, Santa Monica and stayed 2 nights in Santa Barbara. Then we went to Solvang for the Tour of California. Blake got to see Lance make his comeback in cycling. He got Lance Armstrong's autograph and had a front row view of the finish line. I have included a few pics of our trip.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We got a Dancer!

So Gracie is definately a mover and a shaker. I am not quite 20 weeks and I can feel her moving like crazy! Even Blake got the chance to feel her Sunday Morning. She must be pretty strong.
I barely have a belly (more of one than #2 had at 19 weeks). So I went to get a massage yesterday and decided I was perfectly comfortable laying on my belly for the massage. Well Gracie was wide awake for that. It felt like I had swallowed a live rattlesnake. But I think she got really relaxed because I didn't feel her for a long time after that.
If I want to get Gracie excited, all I have to do it sit in the recliner and turn on 24. It worked last night! She got to karate-chopping me again. In fact, as I sit her with my cereal and coffee, she has woken up and is punching me.
It is very comforting to start feeling her but now gives me something new to freak out about. If I don't feel her for several hours I can now go into panic mode!

Monday, February 9, 2009

This is the Day that the Lord Has Made!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! Blake and I couldn't get outside fast enough. His legs were sore from his "Crank your Heart Ride" 2nd Place win so lucky for me, he wasn't planning on riding his bike! We watched some more 24 and then packed up the dogs, went to Subway, and had a picnic at Keisel. Then we waited around for Jason, Ashley and Sydney to meet us! Sydney had a blast! She loved running in the field and seeing all of the "Bullies."

I have decided that taking more than 2 dogs to the park at a time is dangerous (at least in the fenced in exercise area) because they begin to act as a pack. If Winston growls at one dog, all four of ours would attack it. Of course our four are tiny (except Bully) and wouldnt actually injure an animal, it still was a bit embarassing. So we ended up hanging out at our picnic, leving the dogs of the leash and they did great....even Cha Cha!

We then went in search of a ice cream maker....the kind where you use rock salt but couldntfind one! Must be a seasonal item. I am craving the homemade icecream taste, so please help!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I ate my words and got heartburn!

So I have been bragging about how I haven't had morning sickness or heartburn or anything really. Except some bad allergies that would enjoy a decongestant oh well!
So last night I had heartburn for the first time ever. Unfortunately it happened when I got up on the hall for Standards. I was in a tiny room with 4 Alpha Chi girls who didn't know I was pregnant and i was desperately trying not to burp. I felt like I kept making grimaces on my face and frightening the girls coming in for grades. Hopefully that won't happen again. AWKWARD!

I took the day off yesterday and hated every minute of it. Days off without Blake are BORING. I needed to do taxes, laundry, banking, ect. I also craved some Subway so I ate that for lunch and dinner YUM! And of course I visited Blake at work during lunch to see if they needed me...they didn't. My biggest Nightmare is bed rest.

I am afraid that if I stay home for very long after having the baby I will go completely stir crazy. I guess we shall see. Speaking of Chick-fil-A, we had another outstanding increase on Tuesday of 68.5% Symbol, here we come!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hooray for Chick-fil-A!!

I am blogging at Chick-fil-A for the first time! I just had to share our amazing sales results with everyone. Last month we had a sales increase of 18.6% YAY!!! We are gunning to win Chick-fil-A's Symbol of Success Award. In order to win, we need a sales increase of 17% for 2009 over 2008. The tricky thing is that we loose a day in 2009 because last year was leap year.

Yesterday on my way to work I was not feeling like myself at all. I was extremely anxious and couldn't pin down why. When I got to work I realized that it was because we were starting February and I just am very nervous about hitting our goal this month. Our team was very excited about our success in January and I hate getting my hopes up. So all of my worrying was for nothing because we had a sales increase yesterday of over 40%!!! How insane is that?

God is truly working through our team. Tonight we are having a "Spirit Night" to help Cornerstone's Relay for Life Team. Blake plans on joining the team and thought this would be a great way to help them raise part of their goal of $15,000. I am excited to see our Community Group here and maybe hit another sales goal!

Remember...Every Tuesday in February is Free Breakfast at Chick-fil-A. This offer is good in Montgomery and Auburn! Boy did we give away a lot of Chicken Biscuits this morning.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pregnancy Pics

15 weeks pregnant

I think friends far away are wondering how I look pregnant. Not much different yet but I am in maternity pants or using a Bella Band everyday. It is certainly Different not fitting into anything within a matter of days.

18 weeks pregnant

This picture was taken last night at our Super Bowl Party with our Chick-fil-A team. About 30 people came to the party and we had a great time! We still have some burgers left so come on down for dinner! I am going to post some more pics from the party down below.

When Jason and Ashley walked in last night they said, "Gosh, you've grown a lot since Thursday." And it is true. Thanks to Meredith and Ashley for some clothes! Otherwise I might be walking around in sweats all day.

Seminar in Long Beach is in 2 weeks and I know I need to go and get some dress pants and dresses but I am not sure what size I will be in 2 weeks.....crazy.

It's a Girl!! What is her name?

Blake and I are so excited that it is a girl! We went to the ultrasound at 8am Wednesday morning, Blake wearing blue and me in bright pink! Team Pink won! I was shocked actually because I kind of thought it would be a boy. Ever since I was a kid I have wanted a girl first because I knew a little girl would be a good helper. I am also thrilled because I know that Sydney Claire will have a good friend.. Now names..... I love the name Grace and have always wanted to use that name. However, Grace Gill does not sound good. So now I am thinking Gracie Gill. Maybe Gracie Susan Gill. My mom and my first name is Susan. Since i have kind of dropped Susan since I added Gill, I thought it would be nice to pass it along again. Gracie Ann Gill or Gracie Kay Gill. What do you think??