Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Days are Here Again

Gracie is finally starting to entertain herself more. She loves her bouncy seat and her mobile in her crib. Of course, nothing makes her more happy than being talked or sang to.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't count your chickens....

Just when you start to think that you have it all crashes down around you. Gracie has thrown her schedule out the window, and is not happy about it. On the bright side, I have someone marvelous cleaning my house now! What a blessing. She even cleaned out Blake's closet today. Bless her heart, she has her work cut out for her.
At work, we have 10 team members who have gotten the flu so far. Most of them have gotten it from their children or from school. Everyday I come to work, I count how many of my chickens are out for the day. Luckily we have been very diligent about telling everyone they can't come back to work until their fever has been gone for 24 hours. It is important to me that we keep the flu away because I have little Gracie at home. I took her rectal temp earlier but she was good. :-) Not going to let it sneak up on us! I am terribly afraid that I will get sick. If I do, she will be shipped off to stay with someone some where so I can't get her sick!
So I want to take a bath now but it storming badly....I think Blake would panic if I got electricuted. Since the baby and new store, he seems to value my safety much more.

Monday, September 14, 2009

GiGi and Poppi

Gigi and Poppi came to visit yesterday and spent the night so they could watch the girls today. They offered to sleep in our room with Gracie so we could get a good nights sleep. We worked hard to give her a pretty good bedtime, play, bath, fall asleep on Poppi. I thought she might wake again at 10pm to nurse but she didn't and I was sleepy. I figured they had a long night ahead of them. The night before she woke up every 2 hours!! Well...she slept till 4 a.m. for Gigi and Poppi!! That is 8.5 hours between feedings. What's the deal???
Now they think we are being a bit overdramatic about our lack of sleep. :-) THEY SAID SHE ATE AN OUNCE AND FELL BACK TO SLEEP! I was up longer than her in the middle of the night to pump. I am hoping tonight is similar.
Sydney loves her Poppi more than anything in the world. She was kind enough to share him with Gracie this weekend. I think that Gracie is favoring Gigi at this point. She gave her the biggest smiles and would quiet down as soon as mom picked her up.
We have scheduled portrait sessions for Thursday morning. I really wish I had some taken when she was a newborn. This will just have to do. I was running on empty when she was a newborn.
I have been trying to decide if I think it is ok to let her cry herself to sleep. I am starting to think that it is. I have been rocking her for 20 minutes tonight and she just kept sucking on my shoulder and whimpering. So I decided to put her in the bassionette to see what will happen. She cried a bit but was asleep in less than 5 minutes. Do you think self-soothing is the right way to go? Will it make her a better sleeper in the long run?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poopsie daisy and more!

Gracie is finally getting the hang of tummy time! I am definately not trying it often enough but she is already holding her head up steadily and rolled over 3 times several weeks ago. This is a picture of ChaCha showing her how to roll over. I thought it was so precious. ChaCha LOVES tummy time!

Nana and Papa came to keep the girls this weekend because Miss Becky got her tonsils taken out...bless her heart! They had a great time with Gracie and Sydney! And I was looking forward to their help all week. Nana brought casseroles, did my laundry and straightened the house. Papa unloaded the dishwasher and was the baby whisperer. It is amazing how the little ordinary things mean so much when you have a new baby. I would much rather spend my little free-time, holding and loving on Gracie...and an occasional hot bath for momma!

I had to capture her pitiful face. We see this face several times a day when she is being a little drama queen! I really love how she pokes out that lip. She already knows how to work her parents over.

I was excited when she started smiling and cooing for me a couple of weeks ago and wanted to get a picture! This has become a regular thing now, but this was one of her first real smiling moments. It was after I took the picture that I saw she had an explosion come out of her diaper and all over her bouncy seat. Oh well! I guess I'd be smiling too.

This is Gracie at 10 weeks (2 Months) with her Cow Growth Chart. Man has she grown! Here is a newborn picture so you can appreciate how much she grows in 10 weeks! This is her with Dr. Meyers.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

War Eagle in T-Town

We experienced College Kickoff in T-Town. Next week will be the first home game. I am pretty excited. Blake and I agree that College Towns are the best places to live. The excitment in the air is contagious. We were certainly alone in our Auburn allegiance but we enjoyed it all the same. Gracie donned her "War Eagle" apparel and looked great in Orange! We shall see what next weekend brings.
Labor Day was our Chicken Sandwich promo. It was so fun here because EVERYONE came in wearing Crimson and White. If we were holding on sandwiches (which we were alot), we could just lead the crowd in a "Rooooooooooooollllllllllll Tide Roll." Then we would throw out little footballs and mini moos to the crowd. These Bama fans ate it up! Yell Roll Tide and they forget they are hungry. I stayed until 15 mins till close. Blake was Mr. Mom for 3 hours with Gracie and he said she was wonderful. Of course, as soon as I walk in the door she starts screaming for food. Long day, then a long night. She woke up at 1:45am to eat and then 3 more times before 6am. I think we are experiencing a growth spurt of sorts. Have considered weaning her after my 3rd infection but just can't make a decision. She loves to nurse, but I can't get sick every other week. I have never been able to give her a bottle myself...she rejects it with a fierce passion. Please say a prayer for guidance.
I will post pictures of our Gracie later. Heading back to the store.