Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Date with Gracie

G has been such an amazing big sister! She is kind and generous. Understanding and patient. But her mommy needed some Gracie time. So we went to Waffle House. It was such a fun morning. I love this girl. And she loves eggs and cheese.

Sweet Siblings

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gracie Meets Levi

Gracie has never been so excited about anything.  She finally gets to meet her baby brother!  After Blake and I had some time alone with Levi, Blake went to get our Gracie so she could see him before anyone else.  It was the most beautiful moment.  These photos don't need captions- you can see it all in her eyes.

Welcome to the World, Levi

Levi Nicholas Gill was born on 2/7 at 3:10pm.  He was 7lbs 9ozs and perfect.
Something about knowing that your family is about to change forever, is so sweet and so scary all at once.  I am grateful for the time Blake and I had to enjoy the experience together.

Blake was such an encouragement throughout the process.  We make a great team.  
I can truly say that he was the most beautiful thing in the world.  When Dr. Myers handed Levi to me, I was overcome with love and joy, and I wept at the blessing of being his mommy. 

Thank you God for this miracle