Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Many faces of Gracie Gill

Gracie is already learning facial expressions will say everything. She is quite the Princess.
Her Highness in her throne.

Her "ohh" face that Sydney mocks. She throws her head back with a pitiful howl.

Her "you crazy lady" face

serious face

Pure Bliss!! lots of smiley faces

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Three's Company

My house is so quiet these days. Do I love it? I'm not totally sure :-) Jason, Ashley and Sydney Claire have moved into an aparetment this week and we are now a family of 3. This is the first time we have all been alone together. Blake and I are still adjusting to little Gracie Gill. She is a very sweet baby when she feels well. She smiles the biggest smiles...her whole face lights up! She will be a charmer like her little cousin. We had an awesome night with Gracie Monday. She was so content all afternoon. We took her to a mexican restaurant and she didn't fuss when we put her in her seat and sat quietly during the entire dinner. That night she went 7 hours between feedings. I think she was happy because she had taken 3 nice poos that afternoon. She has seriously tummy issues. I am hoping her digestive system works out the kinks soon. She gets stiff as a board and screams like she is in great pain. I feel so bad for her.
Blake gets very frustrated with a crying baby. He is always in such a hurry that it has been an adjustment for him to work on her schedule. When we are going somewhere and I am nursing (which can take from 30 mins-1.5hr) he stresses and tries to rush me. There is nothing I can do! Then when she is crying and he can't make her stop he gets so stressed and thinks she doesn't like him. I can take her and quiet her down. She senses his tension. Over the past 3 days he has really worked on it and now she is doing GREAT for him. He has become the sweetest and most gentle father. He even took her out of bed at 6:30 yesterday and let me sleep another 2 hours. He said they watched the sunrise together and she just smiled and talked to him.
Now that he knows he doesn't have to "fix" whatever is wrong with her, he is much happier. He is a man of action and having a baby is requiring him to take it easy. There is nothing sexier than Blake smiling down at his sweet daughter!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

K Y?

When we were sick over the weekend, I had to give Gracie a prob in the butt (Rectal temp) This was new to me and she acted like it was an old trick for her. They took her rectal temp lots in the hospital when her temp was so low. The Doctor said to lubricate the thermometer and then put it in her butt about a quarter inch or so. Gracie didn't even cry when I took off her diaper and flipped her on her belly. Then, I could not find the Vaseline ANYWHERE! I know I bought some but can't find the Target bag it was in. I'm desperate. I am running a fever and feel like crying, Gracie is on my bed diaperless and all I can find is some KY Warming Gel. That poor KY hasn't been put to use in a while and still probably has a few neglected weeks ahead. So I slapped some on the thermometer and check her temp. I hope the fact that it was a warming gel didn't affect the reading of 99.2. Gracie was amazing and didn't fuss at me at all! Maybe she didn't mind the warming sensation. Maybe I shouldn't share this story. I think it is a great illustration of how mothers will do what it takes to get the job done even if it wasn't exactly how they planned. I have discovered in my short tenure as a mother, that I can't do things just right. I was a smug little thing- all big and pregnant a few months ago thinking that I could do it all....breastfeed, work fulltime, keep a clean house, dress Gracie up like a China Doll everyday and still have time for bubble baths.
This is so not how it turned out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Illnesses and Boob Milk

On the bright side (I like to start with the bright side) I got to spend 4 days of bliss with my Gracie girl. We were attached all weekend, except for maybe 2 trips to the store for an hour each. On the down side, I was sick as a dog and Gracie wasn't feeling 100% either.
This was my second time with Mastitis, a breast infection. It is one of the worst illnesses I have encountered in my 27 years. It hits you all of a sudden like a ton of bricks. You feel like you have the flu, fever, chills, achiness all over, fatigue, and your boobs are tender and feel like they are on fire. And you still have to breastfeed as usual to keep it from getting worse.
I called my doctor Friday morning even though it really hit me on Thursday. They called in a RX and I started to feel better around Saturday. My parents, GOD BLESS THEM, came up on Friday night to help me with Gracie while everyone else was working on Saturday. Mom stayed in my room and gave Blake the couch. (He was thrilled to sleep in a room without a baby!) She got up with Gracie and me. I would feed and then mom would rock her to sleep. It was a real blessing.
Gracie was running a low-grade fever most of the weekend but was a perfect angel! She was never fussy...just a little sleepy. She didn;t want to eat much which was unfortunate because I needed to drain my milk.
This is all caused because of breastfeeding. Apparently I had too much milk and clogged some ducts. I gave quitting alot of thought over the weekend but really don't think I will yet. It takes up so much time! And I don't have an easy schedule down yet. If people want to go out to eat, they have to wait for her to finish eatting. Timing is a problem and I am tethered to a pump or child every 3 hours. However, I want to do this. I do believe the milk is the best for her. I know that she loves being that close to me.
I also feel guily for going back to work when she was only 2 weeks old. I somehow think that by breastfeeding I am doing my part for her well-being while I'm at work. Like it makes me a better mom or something.I will take it one day at a time and follow my heart. But I will probably post more about my experiences on here. If you are uncomfortable reading about boobs, Reader Beware.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm One Month Old!

I couldn't resist throwing Gracie a one-month birthday party. We had it at Chick-fil-A and it was a sweet moment. Ashley, Jason, Sydney, Amy G, Becky, and even BJ Stabler came. Apparently he was an awesome player at Alabama and asked if he could hold Gracie. She LOVED him. Just stared at him the whole time while he talked to her.

Meredith gave me the idea to take a picture each month with the same stuffed animal so we can see how much she has grown. I didn;t take it until about 6 weeks, but we will call it Month 1! It is amazong how much bigger she is already. She is eatting well and really filling out. Cutest cheeks I have ever seen.

As you can see, she is not a very patient child. Her temper is quick.

Some firsts!

I have been a very busy newborn! I have been to dinners, ribbon cuttings, and more! Here are some special moments. I am smiling a lot now too but the picture won't upload.

My first gentleman caller...Carr Calvert came to visit. I wore my ballerina outfit. I think he liked it.

The first bath my daddy gave me (and last) I don't like baths yet and daddy doesn't like being screamed at.

My first dining experience was at 2 weeks old. We went to Iguana Grill. I slept until every one got their food and I decided I wanted to eat too! Why should they eat without me?