Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old Snow Pics

I wanted to post our pictures from the snow day in February. It was also the day of Sydney's birthday party so we drove to Montgomery to celebrate! IT was a birthday to remember.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy Tuesday

We worked hard yesterday after our 7am Team Leader Meeting. It was a good day at Chick-fil-A but we were a tad too slow. At least we have gotten lots of organizing and deep cleaning done. I helped out front more than usual because someone called out and my legs were killing me later that afternoon!
Then Jason brought Sydney for me to take home when he got to work. Sydney, Blake and I went to the pool! Dont worry- she wore 50 SPF. She loved the pool! We sat on the stairs and she liked splashing and was dying to get out of my arms and explore the pool on her own. We should have gotten the floating deal mom got her for Easter (it has a little shade built in too) More than anything, she wanted to just watch the other rambunctious children yelling and screaming, jumping and climbing on each others shoulders. She was so curious about them.
Last night we had a Financial Peace class on Credit Sharks in Suits. It was very interesting. We will need to review our credit report this week!
Gracie is very active. She is practically acrobatic in my belly. I am talking constant flips and kicks (esp in the rib) She will be as busy as our Sydney I suppose :-)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lake Day!!

Winston and Cha Cha are worn slap out after all the fun!
Thursday morning Blake seemed kind of down and out. I had been feeling kind of restless too and we decided that it was time to do something fun together. Sure, we get to spend most of the day, every day together but it is generally doing obligatory things (work, meetings, house chores). So we left Auburn about 4pm on Thursday and headed to the lake!
The minute we got there, Blake was on the boat with Winston begging me to hurry up. I didn't even get to unpack the cooler! We took a slow cruise around the lake and it felt so good. We dropped the dogs off and headed to Sinclairs for dinner. The food was amazing (I had Shrimp and Grits, Blake had Pecan Crusted Trout) Then we headed home and watched 24 after dark.
Yesterday morning we got up early as usual and the day seemed to last forever! IT was my favorite kind of day at the lake. Blake and Winston went fishing while ChaCha and I sat on the deck on rocking chairs and I read my book. Blake made coffee and pancakes for breakfast and the weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky.
The best part was taking the dogs to an island with a big sandbar. I had to put their lifevests on them because Winston LOVES to swim!! It is so funny. Winston gets out in the water and splashes around like a maniac. ChaCha wants nothing to do with the water but likes exploring the woods. Her and Blake went climbed on this huge rock and a goose came flying out honking at them. Another goose came flying at them flapping his wings and hinking like crazy. ChaCha got off the rock and found their eggs! They went to attack her. Luckily, she didn't touch the eggs and Blake got her out of there pretty quick.
Last time we were on this island, ChaCha got attacked by two pitbulls. She has bad luck.
We came back around 4:00pm and headed up to the store to check on our 50s Sockhop.
It was not all fun and games- I cleaned out the microwave and fridge and Blake cut the grass. It is time to get the lake house ready for the summer! Come visit!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm sorry!

So I have left this blog hanging for quite some time! I suppose I mostly forgot, but it is no excuse. I promise to do better. A lot has been happening in the Gill household the past few weeks. It is no secret that our ambition is to operate a Free-Standing Unit before this year is over. We have an opportunity (details to come) and the decision will be made within the next 3-4 weeks. We have a visit today and next Tuesday from the home office to discuss our candidacy and the competition might be stiff. We believe that we are centered in God's will to take this store and we must find peace that His will be done. Please pray for us as we begin this process.


I had my first baby shower Sunday April 5 and it was so very fun! My friends outdid themselves and Ashley #2 house looks great! I have had so much fun going through the stuff and as Blake has finished the nursery (pictures to come soon) I can begin to set it up! Hopefully, Gracie will never even see her beautiful nursery because we will be selected for this new unit haha. Here are some pics:

My girls: Meredith (Baby Carr), Kelly, April and Jacquie
Little Girl's clothes are so fun!

Sydney enjoyed entertaining everyone.

My ridiculously cute cake!