Monday, December 2, 2013

October Happenings

 The kids had school pictures in October.  How adorable are they?  You might think, "Ashley, you are amazing in your color coordinating and planning for such events as picture day."  I hate to disappoint but no, I forgot it was picture day until that morning.  The Bowtie was an obvious choice for Mr Levi but what about Miss Gracie?  I found this dress in a box of hand me downs and gave her the choice between this and a pink dress.  She was the one with a vision of sibling cuteness.
 Then we made our first trip as just a family of 4.  We had an amazing time!  We stayed in a cabin in Helen/Cleveland, GA.  This was our first and only HomeExchange swap and what a fun way to travel!  THis cabin had an amazing view that drew us to the porch for hours at a time.  We enjoyed Oktoberfest in Helen, Babyland in Cleveland where Gracie adopted a new Cabbage Patch baby, wineries and mills.  There was so much to do!  We even spent the day at a private zoo near the cabin.

And then there was the time that I tried to pan fry a fish and pan fried my face, chest and hand instead...

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